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Rafael Caamaño is part of the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program. The program is designed to help technology and scalable businesses develop into financially stable companies. The UCFBIP has helped more than 300 emerging companies, generate over $50M in annual revenues, and contribute to the sustainability of over 2,000 jobs. 

Caamaño primary responsibility is to oversee entrepreneurial and facility support, provide incubator participants with one on one business coaching, mentoring programs and other organized entrepreneurial support initiatives and services. Analyze and understand business performance, needs, risks, and opportunities. Support the local economy and program through recruitment of new start-ups, scalable businesses, and retention. Network with local, state, regional, national, and international organizations to identify and coordinate economic development opportunities. 

Caamaño began his career as part of a research division for the U.S. Army elite advanced war-fighting experiment Force XXI. His passion towards entrepreneurship started shortly after embarking on his business endeavors. He is a member of the INBIA and is a past Advisory Board Member for the Florida Business Incubation Association, Community Based Care of Central Florida, Office of the President for Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico (Poly) and the Kissimmee Business Area Council. He holds an MBA from Poly, and industry certifications from Harvard University, the Kauffman Foundation, Corporate Coach International, and the NBIA. 

Caamaño provides an entrepreneurial perspective enhanced from operating companies, managing diverse projects and building strategic alliances that support economic development and business incubation programs not only locally, but also in international markets.

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